To sign up

February 2, 2009

To sign up for the project simply e-mail me your full name, the country you will be representing, actual address, and a phone number to . I will not share any of this information with anybody. This information is to be used to create a shipping list. I would also like a link to your portfolio, blog or sharing account like Flickr.


6 Responses to “To sign up”

  1. son Says:

    hi there,

    id love to join this awesome project.
    i live in germany but im originally from vietnam. thats why i would like to represent vietnam (in case i may participate)
    checkt out my flickr photostream and let me know if im in 😀
    kind regards,

    son aka sonsational

  2. Patti Sokol Says:

    Would love to participate.

  3. Would be interested in this!

  4. I want to know how a shared my Blog & work here

    • thebsidedesign Says:

      Hi I’m not sure that I understand your question. A website will be up shortly to display everyone’s work that is participating in this project. Your name and portfolio or blog will be displayed underneath your name with the snapshots and description of your sketchbook entry. Everyone will be provided with the website URL in March. I hope that that helps to answer your inquiry.

  5. Hi, I am interested in participating. I live in Upastae New York, and am a High School Art Teacher.
    Let me know,
    Thanks, Joy

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